Free Credit Report


Obtaining a free credit report in the U.S. has become much easier since a law was passed about a decade ago.

The creation of the Annual Credit Report website by U.S. lawmakers now enables all U.S. residents to receive a copy of their personal credit report (but not your credit score) every year.
Why is this important?

Checking your credit report has become increasingly important with the abundance of identity theft. Victims of this “silent” crime typically find out after the fact and have damaged credit that takes years to correct.

A free credit report is just that…free. There are no strings attached. You simply enroll online and receive your report from one of the major credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, etc..).

These companies must provide you with your personal credit report – absolutely free – once per year. It is your choice whether you want to pay extra for a credit score.

Credit scores cost you money because a credit score is required to get loans or even get a decent job. These scores are calculated by the credit bureaus. Each company uses their own method (so one agency’s score can and probably will differ slightly from another). A credit score is a privilege not a right in the U.S.

We encourage you to obtain both your annual credit report and pay a little extra for your credits core. A perfect score, which is almost impossible to achieve is 800. A good score of above 700 will qualify you for most loans and forms of credit. Knowing your score and knowing what is affecting your score are useful regardless if you need a loan. Sometimes it’s better to prepare ahead of time by doing the right things necessary to raise your score in anticipation of future credit rather than waiting until you are denied.

Get your free credit report today!